Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I can hardly believe it! a Team Member!

Hi KaKa!

Yes, there is a prize for being the first! I have to decide what it will be however. I also am not 100% sure who Kaka is. I will scan this photo and try to decide. Yes I think that the blog (although it will have a slow start) will serve well as a forum for ideas and a means of communication. Anyhow, thanks for writing. Hey I think you can actually publish your own posts as you are a team member. We will have to experiment in the future. Well, see you come the morrow! JimmyJames

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hi, I am talking to empty space, but will talk nonetheless.

Hello Fellow Teachers!!!!

Well, I have put most of the links on the sidebar!! It was a complicated task and am happy to be done. I doubt if any of you will actually see this, but the links can help you very much I am sure of it. Some of them require a sign in and register, but they are well worth it. So, tell me you read this -- I will e-mail you with things anyhow. Bye for now Jimmy James

Hello All you guys again

Well, I hope that some people from mosllps, my colleagues, so to speak, will look at this blog at least a couple of times. I am going to try to change the links and change the picture and so on. If I succeed, I will post some great teaching english tips that I have come across.

And Spiderman -- I think since you are spider MAN it narrows down who you are to two people. And WonderWoman -- Hello and thank you for posting something. I hope to put more ideas and hints in the future. You guys can post as well.

Cheers and seeya later !

Good Graduation day huh?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Quick Exercise!

There are five mistakes in the following paragraph
The first to find, correct and post all five will win a prize.
I am look forward to spending two weeks this summer with my family. It is a long fight to Canada, but I have not seen my sisters and parents for many months. I miss them quite a bit. I feel I very lucky to be able to get back and see them this holday season. There is one sad thing. While I am in Canada, I will miss Ma On Shan Primary School very muck.
O.K. so find and correct the mistakes and publish your corrections with the comment button.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ok, here are some great links

These normally would be in a sidebar and when your students are viewing or looking at the blog they can click on them and explore.
I think you should look at these. I have been using some of them for many years now and they are very interesting. A few of them would be well suited to many of you as they have various gradations of levels.



Listening Practice:




Online Quizzes




Tools -an english dictionary

Well, these are some of the planned links I would like to get going on this blog, later, they will be in a sidebar for easy access.

Greetings English Teachers

This 'Blog' could be a communication forum for the staff here at MOSLLPS, however, it would make more sense to get a 'team' Blog for that purpose.

With the ability to post replies to the text and have the replies replied upon, this tool has a classroom application bounded by imagination alone.

Yet further, it can encourage students to explore other english web sites and compound their learning. My next posting will contain interesting, and some would say essential website links.

Talk to you, JimmyJames